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Beat fraud and ensure seamless digital experience for your clients.

Stop Fraud — Not Customers!

Softmetics, in collaboration with the world's smartest technology providers like Sophos and Kaspersky, provides cutting edge online-fraud prevention technologies empowered by human intelligence. Here's why we are the best:

  • Good User Verification: Seamless user experience for legitimate clients
  • Account take over detection: Proactive real-time discovery of early signs of account takeover
  • Money Laundering detection: Cross-channel detection of money laundering and related activities
  • Fraud Intelligence: The understanding of what is happening, how fraudsters behave, which schemes they use and how to stop them
  • Behavioral biometrics: Building user profiles based on the mouse, keyboard, mobile phone usage
  • Behavioral analysis: Patterns of legitimate and fraudulent behavior
  • Device and environment analysis: Analysis of session events happening around the users and their devices
  • Malware detection: Accurate detection of various kinds of malware in both web and mobile channels

Our solutions are particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns, and constraints of enterprise sectors such as Finance Services, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare, Government and Telecom.

The Risk:

Growing digital channels means being open to the users, providing them with access to the services they need anytime and anywhere. But with opportunities comes responsibility: business needs to ensure seamless user experience to legitimate clients, provide appropriate level of security together with the ability to react in case fraudulent activity takes place. Digital transformation brings several risks:

  • Account takeover
  • New account fraud
  • Money laundering and money mule services
  • Bots and remote administration tools
  • Web-injects and mobile malware
  • Higher fraud level – risk of regulatory fines
  • Missing the attack incubation stage
  • Emerging complexity of attacks


Softmetics's clients include telecom companies, construction companies, software providers, online businesses, and enterprises that want to leverage their Information Technology assets, meet demanding time-to-market requirements, and diminish their technology cost of ownership. Our ability to reinvest our knowledge and resources into services that proactively surpass their expectations has guaranteed that our clients stay with us for years. Most of our revenue comes from repeat business, and most of our new clients are referrals by existing ones.