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Modernize your legacy applications, data, and IT systems.

Take your legacy apps to the modern web!

Public sector companies spend nearly 80 percent of their IT budgets on sustaining existing legacy systems. This restricts their ability to keep velocity with growing requirements and influences performance of core mission. Chief information officers (CIOs) identify the need for modernization but how can they manage the complexity, long implementation cycles, and low success rates of IT modernization programs?

Softmetics offers a suite of solutions and services supported by a range of modernization tools, centers of excellence, and proven implementation to help CIOs modernize their IT systems, promptly, cost-effectively, and without any risks or interruptions.

Our 20 years of combined modernization expertise, established program management and strategic partnerships with organizations such as Microsoft, Sophos, Kaspersky, and Amazon Web Services help clients realize the aspired advantages from their modernization program and improve outcomes.

Our end-to-end IT modernization services include:

  • Application modernization – Re-hosting, re-engineering, development and upgrades, and package implementation
  • Platform modernization – Database modernization, operating system modernization, and re-hosting
  • Infrastructure modernization – Cloud, virtualization, and data center consolidation
  • Business process modernization – process optimization and shared services

One of the biggest misunderstandings circling Modernization projects is that they need to be an all-or-nothing, all-in, all-at-once approach, which is a risky mindset. We’ve found that an incremental approach, with a commitment to Agile technical practices, is the best way to guarantee a successful program.


Softmetics's clients include telecom companies, construction companies, software providers, online businesses, and enterprises that want to leverage their Information Technology assets, meet demanding time-to-market requirements, and diminish their technology cost of ownership. Our ability to reinvest our knowledge and resources into services that proactively surpass their expectations has guaranteed that our clients stay with us for years. Most of our revenue comes from repeat business, and most of our new clients are referrals by existing ones.